Review: "Women" by Charles Bukowski

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Book Review

Book Review by Charles DuFont of
Genre: Humor, Satire
Age Group: 18+
My Rating: Four Stars
Why four stars instead of five? Some parts of the story become very repetitive regarding his dating practices which is about 80% of this book.

What's the story?

Henry Chinaski (Charles Bukowskis' alter-ego) is a famous 1970’s author and poet based in Los Angeles, California. He does public readings of his work in various locations across the country. This is his new career. Before, he used to work in the post office and lived a very boring, menial life. Now, he’s a celebrity in his 50’s, living in great excess, who’s always involved with drinking, drugging, explicit sexual encounters, and endless partying.

Supposedly, he writes while drunk, which is easy to believe, judging by his writing style. He’s a very consistent writer with a lot of published books out there. This is what made him famous. At the time when he wrote Women, he had already achieved stardom at a relatively high level. Meaning that women were always around and interested in dating and having a relationship with this guy, who’s a known womanizer, drunk, and physically unattractive. But his personality and sense of humor is what attract most of his fans. His male fans are almost all exclusively ignored, and the pretty female ones get his attention by sending him love letters with sexy naked pictures enclosed.

How did I like it?

Charles Bukowski definitely has a way with words. His writing is simple, raw, always to the point with nothing held back, yet poetic and even philosophical at times. But be warned, he loves to use all manner of obscene language, especially the words cock and cunt and fuck and slut. He uses these words in an interesting way, like he might say, “She sucked my cock in the moonlight. Then she crawled up my body, wiggled my cock deep into her dripping wet cunt and fucked me in the moonlight, as I slowly passed out in a drunken haze...” Or something along those lines. See what I mean? It’s like poetry, right?

Each woman, in Women, is given a chance to shine and win over the heart of this man who spent many years living in boredom and misery, without anyone special. He explains that he must make up for all that lost time. He does this by banging hundreds of Women, drinking like a madman, and getting into as much trouble as possible.

Final opinion

His accounts of what it’s like to be a famous writer with odd friends and horny fans will surely entertain you, if you’re not easily offended by such obscene, debaucherous material. So, why not give this one a try then, eh?

Also, if you do check Women out, I recommend the audio version, narrated by Christian Baskous. He does an excellent job with both male and female characters’ voices, bringing this book to life, while offering plenty of laughs.