Review: "Total Recall" by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Book Review

Total Recall - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Book Review by Charles DuFont of

Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

By Arnold Schwarzenegger (2013)

Genre - Biography, Sports

My Rating - Five Stars

The cool thing about reading a book about a guy that you’ve been watching on television for decades is that you already have a vivid picture in your mind of what the author looks like. You can easily imagine his facial expressions, his voice, his accent, and big powerful movements as Arnold describes his entire life from when he was born in a poor rural village in Austria (in 1947), up to his work as the governor of California (from 2003 - 2011).

Learn about his early years as a champion bodybuilder; his struggles while serving in the Austrian military; his abilities in business and entrepreneurship; his acting career; and his political/humanitarian endeavors. After Arnold conquers and dominates one field, he simply seeks more challenging peaks to climb.

He describes his activities, accomplishments, contacts made from all walks of life and various continents. He’s also generous in teaching us valuable lessons that he learned, and explains the mistakes he made in great detail. You’ll meet his family, and countless celebrities in a very candid way: Danny DeVito, Joe Weider, Sylvester Stallone, Andy Warhol, Ronald Reagan, and others. His nostalgic recollections and personal triumphs entertain and inspire. His confident positivity, acquired selflessness, determination to reach his peak both physically and mentally, are all contagious traits, that are beautifully displayed throughout this 656 page book.

As far as his writing style is concerned, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. Sentences are short and easy to comprehend. Arnold was the master of one liners after all, right?

Some parts of the bio are tedious and a bit too detailed and drawn out, like his explanations of the inner workings of every film he made. Let’s be honest, Arnold isn’t that great of an actor. Most of his films did make a splash at the box office, but lack substance and depth. Even still, it’s interesting to learn about how the films were produced from the inside - out.

Included is Arnold’s infectious mental outlook and philosophy that show you what it takes to win international competitions, and make multi-million dollar deals in film, real estate, and other business ventures. His charm, charisma, and classy man’s man attitude will win you over from the first page.

To finish off this review, and show you how a man who started from the bottom can overcome incredible obstacles through sheer determination and perhaps a little luck along the way, I leave you with this excerpt from Total Recall. This is the first sentence:

“I was born into a year of famine...”