Why do you write?

Because I have to, I have no choice

Who are your favorite authors?

charles bukowski, Fyodor Dostoevsky, stefan zweig,
hermann hesse, haruki murakami, gabriel garcia marquez, marcel proust

Are you married?

yes, I am happily married

Do you play a music instrument?

guitar, electric guitar, ukulele

What is your day job?

chemist, landlord

What was your biggest accomplishment as a writer?

winning an remunerative award for a short story

What are your future plans?

learn more, write more, live more
finishing “the ballad of the sperm whale and the giant squid”
improving my marketing and sales skills

Who is your audience?

everybody who wants to improve, who writes, reads and travels.
beginner and advanced writers for tips and tricks and discussions
everybody who reads the above mentioned authors

Who inspires you?

people who constantly try to improve

when are your next books coming out?

May 1st, “Inland universe” (only in german)
July 1st, “noola and the whale changeling” (in english and german)
september 1st, “¡Manda cojones!” (only in german)

How often do you sent newsletters?

once every 2 months to update you about my work and life
(sometimes I may include a promotion of my upcoming books)

How many times a week will you publish your blog?

Once a week. When work is flowing, I might do a second.