Noola and the whale changeling (painting by    Maria ditaranto   )

Noola and the whale changeling (painting by Maria ditaranto)


Ballad of the Sperm Whale and Giant Squid

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, magical realism á la Haruki Murakami


As renowned as he is demented Severin Roosmeer is a writer. He is a whale changeling but doesn’t know it. whale changelings are powerful crossbreeds between humans and whales, waging an interstellar war against giant squid. Once giant squid completely conquer one world, they move on to the next. Upon attacking Earth, they trigger an environmental catastrophe. The only survivors find shelter in a tower conceived and built by star architect David Roth, Severin Roosmeer’s brother.

Konrad, a wannabe artist, is controlled by Janus, a giant squid. Janus’s assignment is to put all whale changelings out of action. The artificial intelligence Maxon is following its own interests. They have populated the entire universe and now long for a new universe. Giant squid activating their portal attract life-collectors, thus life-collectors inhabited by Maxon make their way towards Earth. Ultimately, and just in the nick of time, Konrad and Janus succeed in destroying the life-collectors threatening Earth.

Human and animal lifeforms are fighting desperately for their survival on Earth. Only a Mother Tree, the final life-cycle of a whale changeling, can secure the future of the planet. 


The pain prepares you for life! She had heard this fallacy so often,
it had become truth.
— from the chapter: north star